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The Oxford Canoe and Kayak Club

Guidelines and Policies

Policy for Trips and Outings

Every trip on the water must have one person who takes on the responsibility to be the Trip Leader.

Duties of the Trip Leader:
Complete and submit to the Executive a Trip Plan six (6) days prior to the start of the trip. The Trip Plan, whether one day, weekend, or week long will include:
While on the water, the Trip Leader will have a lead canoe and a sweep canoe to keep the group together. For large groups, an alternate sweep canoe should also be designated.

All canoes on the water must abide by Transport Canada regulations for canoes and kayaks. These regulations include:

In addition to the above regulations, the Oxford Canoe and Kayak Club requires, while on the water:

The Trip Leader must provide a food plan for any trip longer than one day.
A first aid kit must be carried on any trip authorised by the Oxford Canoe and Kayak Club.

Only those members registered and paid in full will be allowed on club outings and activities. One time only, a friend may try a day trip for a $5.00 fee. After that, they are required to purchase a membership to participate.
Revised November 15, 2009

ORCKA Canoe or Kayak Instruction

Each ORCKA course will be directed and/or instructed by a currect ORCKA Instructor certified in the appropriate discipline. The instructor signing the ORCKA certification card and/or another qualified ORCKA instructor must have seen the candidate pass all test items listed in the associated ORCKA Program manual for that particular course.

Maximum instructor to participant rations for ORCKA Canoeing and Kayak Program courses will be followed as outlined in the ORCKA Program Administration policy for canoe and kayak skills courses and ORCKA policies will be adhered to at all times.

A Canadaian Approved Personal Floatation Device (PFD) must be worn by ORCKA course participants and instructors when paddling or swimming, or when performing paddling related tasks where there exhists risk of a water-related mishap.

All course participants and instructors must wear helmets when canoeing or swimming moving water.

Government regulations that pertain to canoes and kayaks will be adhered to at all times (see previous page).

The Oxford Canoe and Kayak Club reserves the right to revoke membership privileges of any person who refuses to comply with club regulations.

Revised November 15, 2009

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